We provide end-of-life management of your batteries from collection to recycling done in a compliant manner with respect to the environment. We make this process as easy as possible for you. We are the industry experts and only partner with companies that are of the same caliber. Believing there is always room for growth, we polish our expertise to ensure you get the best quality service when you recycle your batteries with us.


We have solutions to easily get your batteries to one of our facilities for sorting and recycling while in compliance with all EPA and U.S. DOT requirements. We offer single stream containers (mix your batteries all together) for smaller volumes or contact us to arrange pickup for larger volumes. We will pickup your batteries anywhere in North America.



We combine both our well-trained staff and technology to sort your batteries to the highest accuracy. We are able to sort to any specified criteria to more than 99% accuracy with a quick turnaround that allows us to serve you and provide you with your Confirmation of Reclamation certificate.



In recycling batteries, we strive to reuse our natural resources more efficiently, decrease harmful environmental effects and reduce the need for mining and processing of virgin materials. That’s why we process batteries using the best known methods yeidling the best results.



We offer you flexible, affordable and compliant logistics. Our professionals will connect you with the best transportation option to fit your needs – same day, after hours, less than a truckload (LTL), full truckload (FTL). Our R2:2013 Standard certified and heavily insured handlers mitigate risk and provide environmental stewardship, as value added services.


Certifications & Compliance

We take compliance very seriously. So much so that we seek optional certifications that go above and beyond the standard requirements, to benefit you, your customers, employees and the environment. Providing transparency and audibility of our business practices is an overriding guiding principle, as is protecting the environment and our natural resources.


Got Batteries?

Tell us how many you have and we will give you a solution based on your needs. It’s that easy.

or call us: 800-852-8127

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