Certification & Compliance

We take compliance very seriously. So much so that we seek optional certifications to go above and beyond, for our customers, employees and the environment. Providing transparency and audibility of our business practices is an overriding guiding principle, so is protecting the environment and our natural resources.


It is important to us to show our commitment to excellence, industry leadership and exceedingly high environmental standards. Obtaining this certification gives a framework to track the entire chain-of-custody of spent batteries downstream with more transparency than the battery recycling industry has ever seen in the past.

Regulatory Compliance

Batteries can be hazardous and knowing how to safely handle them throughout the whole transporting and recycling process is a must. Every employee involved in the transportation, physical handling or recycling of batteries is trained, certified and has maintained accreditation. In more than 24 years, we’ve never had a problem, and we are confident we won’t.


Read our Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

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