May Trade Shows and Conferences

May 2018 is a busy month for us! Several teammates are getting out of the office and spreading the word out about battery recycling by attending and speaking at conferences.

Starting April 29 – May 1, Jacob Wolter will attend the Battery Council International Convent and Power Mart Expo in Tucson, AZ at booth 6. He is available to discuss all battery recycling needs, including lithium-ion battery recycling and safety and lead-acid battery recycling.

If you are in the Chicago area, drop by for FREE battery recycling at Chicago Green Theatre Alliance’s 4th Annual Battery, E-Waste and Textile Drive at Steppenwolf’s Garage Theatre. Visit Melissa Kelley to drop off your used batteries for proper recycling. She will show participants the proper way to handle spent batteries and educating them on how they are recycled. This free recycling event takes place May 11 & 12 from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Jenny Adrian will attend the 2018 Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council Summit to talk to like minded sustainable purchasers seeking easy and customizable battery recycling programs. The conference is in Minneapolis, MN from May 14 – 16.

Susan McGeorge will exhibit at the 36th annual Michigan Recycling Coalition Conference May 15 – 17 in Kalamazoo, MI. At booth 5, she will share our customizable battery recycling programs made to fit any size, shape and quantity of batteries, including our iRecycle Kits for dry cell battery recycling and our new iRecycle Kits for damaged or bloated lithium-ion batteries. Paul Hernley, PhD, will deliver a joint presentation at the conference on, “The Risks and Rewards of Battery Recycling,” on May 16 at 3 p.m. 

May 15 -17 in Hersey, PA, Melissa Kelley is traveling to the Battery Electrical Specialist Association (BESA) Annual Meeting to present battery recycling solutions to battery retailers located around the nation.

Belinda Foreman will visit Washington State to attend Washington State Recycling Association (WRSA) 38th annual conference from May 20 – 23. She will discuss all our services, but mainly our tailored dry cell battery recycling programs, which use bulk recycling service or our iRecycle Kits.

Finally, Jacob Wolter will head to Phoenix, AZ on May 22 – 24 for the Mission Critical Data Center Expo to discuss the most pressing issues around data centers, including maintenance and lead-acid battery recycling.

It’s a busy, yet invigorating month and we are excited to bring our 26 years of battery recycling knowledge across the country to educate people! During those years, we estimate nearly ONE BILLION batteries have been recycled by Battery Solutions. We look forward to the next billion and growing battery recycling!

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