Recognized as Highly Commended at The Circulars

Battery Solutions, North America’s leader in battery collecting, sorting and recycling is recognized as Highly Commended at The Circulars 2017, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and the Forum of Young Global Leaders, the world’s premier circular economy award program.

The award, also received in 2016, represents Battery Solutions commitment to increasing battery collection and recycling rates while repurposing the secondary commodities, produced from the battery recycling process. These secondary commodities are reused in steel manufacturing, agriculture or new battery manufacturing.

Battery Solutions is committed to researching new ways to diminish the mining of virgin elements and continue, “circling” recycled materials from batteries and reusing batteries. This passion led Battery Solutions to researching how to test and grade lithium-ion batteries and cells for reuse.

“It’s an honor to be awarded Highly Commended for our work in battery recycling,” said Thomas Bjarnemark, CEO of Battery Solutions. “It validates our approach of using technology in new and innovative ways to set us apart from others an otherwise mature industry. We are actively researching ways to disrupt the status quo and evolve battery recycling technology.”

The mission of the Young Global Leaders Circular Economy Taskforce is, ‘’to increase awareness of the potential of circular economy business models to both create value and make better use of finite resources; to enable understanding of how to adopt these models and to drive action through celebrating the success of those businesses which are leading the way.’’ Battery Solutions embraces and practices the circular economy business model every day and is proud to be honored as one of the businesses leading the way.

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