Recycling Information

We’ve gathered the best textbook recycling facts and paired them with our experience and expertise to provide you with comprehensive recycling facts and information.

How are Batteries Recycled?

Answer: very carefully. The important thing to remember is to properly sort the batteries by chemistry to prepare them for recycling. Some batteries are mechanically processed and some use high temperature metal reclamation (HTMR), while others use a combination. Click below to find out how each battery is recycled.



There are federal, state and local regulations to consider in battery recycling. The overarching laws are set by the EPA to protect human health and the environment so that heavy and/or toxic metals are not leached into ground water via a landfill and ensure toxic metals are properly recycled.


Battery Types

Try to name five different battery types. Could you do it? After reviewing this section, you will be able to name so many more types, understand their common uses and learn about their safety.


Recycling Benefits

Recycling benefits everyone. It enables the reuse of materials that would otherwise be used and discarded. It reduces the need for mining and refining virgin materials.


Where to Recycle

We work with municipalities, corporations, retail and nonprofits that act as local recycling collection locations for your batteries.


Got Batteries?

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