Battery Act

The Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Management Act of 1996 (“Battery Act”) has made some important strides in protecting the environment and human health. Through this law, the EPA and state Department of Environmental Quality agencies can reduce the amount of hazardous substances released in to the environment from used batteries.

The main focus of the Battery Act is to phase out the use of mercury in batteries and to facilitate the collection and recycling of  mercury, nickel-cadmium and lead containing rechargeable batteries so that heavy metals can be properly recovered rather than being released into the environment and leaching into water systems. According to the EPA, more than 350 million rechargeable batteries are purchased annually, and that number is sure to rise as consumers purchase more portable handheld devices for work and entertainment use.

There are environment benefits from recycling of all batteries types, even when toxic heavy metals are not present; because reuse of reclaimed materials means that less mining is needed to obtain raw materials when making new batteries or other products. Battery Solutions provides recycling services for all battery types and in all situations, to make it easy for environmentally minded corporations and individuals to contribute to the sustainability and protection of our natural resources.

Universal Waste Rules

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) set up the Universal Waste Regulation to make it easier for you to use environmentally sound recycling programs by streamlining the management rules for this specific kind of waste. The materials that fall under this rule are batteries, mercury-containing devices, lamps and pesticides. This rule eases the regulatory burden and encourages the development of recycling programs that will keep these materials out of landfills and from infiltrating water supplies.

As a certified Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste, Battery Solutions can help you to set up a recycling program and provide you with everything you need for proper collection, compliant storage, safe transportation and EPA approved recycling of your batteries.

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