Lithium-ion Battery Safety

You've seen the news about exploding lithium-ion batteries, here's what you need to know and how to safely recycle damaged, defective or recalled (DDR) lithium-ion batteries. If you have a bloated lithium-ion battery for recycling, visit our store to purchase a special kit equipped to handle these batteries.

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Why do lithium-ion batteries explode?

In this video, we guide you through the potential dangers of lithium-ion batteries and why they explode, how to safely transport damaged lithium-ion batteries for recycling, and how to safely handle non-damaged lithium and lithium-ion batteries.

The demand for lithium-ion batteries is still increasing annually and the headlines are mounting warnings of the potential dangers of these batteries. As users and recyclers of batteries, we must guard ourselves with the best safety practices while using lithium-ion batteries and devices and properly disposing them, through recycling, when we are done using them.


View our DDR Lithium-ion Battery Required Packaging guide and read below to learn how and why lithium-ion batteries catch on fire.


There are three things that separate a functional lithium-ion battery from one that could pose a hazard:

– How the manufacturer designs the batteries that power devices

– How the device and the battery are integrated

– How users treat their battery containing devices


Internally built heat caused by overcharging your device on a couch or bed or external heat sources, like leaving your phone in your car on a hot day, can cause the electrolyte inside the battery to raise its vapor pressure until the cell burst, usually violently. This is called thermal runaway and is difficult to stop once initiated. In simple terms, battery is going to explode and catch on fire. These fires can reach temperatures of 900 degrees Celsius or 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.

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