Special Purpose Batteries

We recycle special or uncommon types of batteries, such as downhole batteries, special military or government application batteries, return-to-vendor batteries and electronics, and large volumes of embedded batteries – like the ones found in cell phones, personal backup power supplies and e-cigarettes.

Basically, any battery that has ever been made…we have a way to properly recycle it! Done compliantly with a Confirmation of Reclamation (COR) and end-to-end
tracking of the batteries.


Downhole batteries and special application batteries can be very reactive and must be transported in a particular way to ensure safety. We have packaging guides or we will package it for you for safe  and compliant transport.

We offer nationwide logistics coverage, whether you have a full truckload (FTL) or less than a truckload (LTL) we will arrange a convenient pick up time based on your needs. We have our own fleet and a nationwide network of more than 200 service providers who can provide on-site service, removal, packaging and transportation and recycling.


Batteries embedded in devices are becoming more and more common. Think about your cell phone, tablet, dog training collars, personal backup power supply systems, computers, toys, e-cigarettes, all these are harder to separate the device from the battery and neither piece should go into a landfill. Our expertise in disassembly ensures that each piece of that device, including the battery, casing, wiring and any packaging are disassembled and recycled in a compliant manner.


It can be difficult to find a company willing to recycle every battery type or batteries that are embedded in a device. With us, it’s easy, we will take your batteries, break down the device and separate the batteries. We recycle the batteries and all the device housing – plastics, circuit boards, wiring – all 100% recycled, right along with the battery.


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