Stationary & Backup Batteries

With our service, changing out or decommissioning your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, telecom or data center power systems becomes seamless.

Watch a battery deinstall & reinstall

Turnkey De-installation

Let us handle your large battery deinstallation. We provide a full service: disconnecting, unstacking/unstrapping, complete palletizing and packaging, removal, transportation and battery recycling – all sealed with a Confirmation of Reclamation (COR) certificate for your records.


Need a little less than turnkey? We can simply palletize and package your batteries, handle removal, transportation, recycling and finalize the job with a COR.


If all you need is someone to recycle your spent UPS or backup power batteries, we will. We will also handle all the logistics and provide you with a COR.

Need a Custom Offer?

Whatever your battery type, size or volume, we have a way to recycle it, anywhere in North America. We are always happy to contact you or feel free to contact us by calling 800.852.8127.

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Got Batteries?

Tell us how many you have and we will give you a solution based on your needs. It’s that easy.

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